Event Details
Date: 8/24/2019
Event: Class
Location: The Library Center (Meeting Room A)
Time: 10:30a.m.
Topic: Are Your Bits Flipped? -- Joe Kissell
Details: A "flipped bit" is 0 vs 1 = tiny error Just as a single “flipped bit” in computer code can bring an otherwise reliable app crashing to a halt, a single misconception in your understanding of personal computing technology can cause all manner of problems—including lost data, wasted time, and frustration as you live and work in today’s increasingly digital world. In this presentation based on his book Are Your Bits Flipped?, author and publisher Joe Kissell untangles common confusions surrounding the high-tech products and services we all rely on every day. Find out why conventional wisdom is often wrong, why you might be worried about all the wrong things, and how improved knowledge of topics like privacy, web browsing, email, and encryption can make you smarter and more efficient.
Contact: Mary Phillips
E-Mail Contact: mary@iconusersgroup.org
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