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 CenturyTel High Speed Internet
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Posted - 01/03/2007 :  14:45:06  Show Profile
I have Windows XP (w/Service Pack 2) on a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop. I recently signed up for CenturyTel high-speed Internet service.javascript:insertsmilie('')
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I'm supposed to be getting the highest speed available but it's only half as fast as my neighbors; one of whom is also using Linksys Wireless-G router. I get the same speed when I bypass the router. CenturyTel said I should get the higher speed; that it's getting to my house. Their Tech Support suspected a faulty connection or filter. My son (home for the holidays) followed their troubleshooting instructions, i.e., all filters were disconnected; reconnected, etc. without improvement.

This sure beats "dial-up" but I'd like to go really fast. CenturyTel is so busy right now so if anyone has any advice as to what my problem might be, I'd appreciate it.


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Posted - 01/03/2007 :  16:36:23  Show Profile
The filter could be faulty. Is there a way to check it?
I have used Linksys routers before, but never had good luck with them. Do you know anyone that has a D-Link or NetGear router you could try?

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Posted - 01/04/2007 :  00:13:33  Show Profile
Fran, I have a NetGear Router you can try.


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Posted - 01/04/2007 :  01:42:48  Show Profile  Visit Mick's Homepage
Hi Fran, Is your speed difference measured by timing real downloads, or by a speed measuring service. Is it a subjective difference? Many times my connection is clearly faster than the computer/connection on the far end, because some sites are always slow, and other sites work much faster. Also, individual programs can have different speeds. My speed (Mediacom) is usually about 1-2 Mbps, but with a download manager, I get 4-5 from many sites (not all sites allow parallel downloading, and it has no effect on your browsing or emailing speed.

I would be very surprised if you find that it is the router. Most routers these days are nominally 100Mbps, and a super good broadband connection is 10Mbps. Two-five Mbps is more common. Unless you are in an advanced country like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, where the telephone companies dont own congress, then many folks get 20-50Mbps. (sorry about the soapbox ) Anyway, the router would have to be running at less than 1/20 its specified speed to cause the slowdown.

Difference in overall speeds can be as simple as time-of-day differences that the speed was checked, or a difference in which test site was used to check the speed. Also, it is pretty dependent on the setup of your PC. Since you have a Dell, unless someone has tweaked its settings, then that is probably not the problem. But if for example, you bought from a small dealer, who optimized the computer setup for dialup, then you switched to a broadband connection, there may be internal computer settings that would help in some conditions and hurt in others.

Can you talk one of your neighbors into bringing one of their PCs over to see if the speed goes down on your connection compared to theirs? That would at least localize the problem to the connection or the PC setup.

If you want to persue this, there are many many sites that have advice on tweaking your connection speed. Try Googling terms like
[ tweak dsl speed ] or [ modify tcp settings ]. But you definitely want to be cautious about applying their suggestions. Feel free to post here, any suggestions that you are considering, and we will try to offer our meager expertise. This stuff can be pretty esoteric.

And good luck..


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Posted - 01/05/2007 :  14:25:59  Show Profile
Thank you all for your suggestions.

I was finally able to reach someone at CenturyTel Support who scheduled a technician to come to my home. I had to cancel an apt. to be available from 8-5 as they didn't know when to expect him or if he'd be able to call before coming because "not all CenturyTel technicians have cell phones". [Unbelievable] I was fortunate to get a technician WITH a phone and he was able to diagnose the problem from a remote location. His diagnosis (and I quote) "after considerable effort, I determined it was a programming error on their part and I was finally able (with much difficulty) to convinced someone at CenturyTel to make the necessary correction." I should be up to speed in 24-48 hrs. but, apparently in the interim, I have NO Internet service at all. I couldn't get a connection at home but my PC is working at the library.

P.S. They also screwed up my bill big time but I can't resolve that problem until they research it and call me back. If I'm not home, they can't leave a number for me to return their call. What a phone company. I mean...What! A phone company?

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