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 Ice storm
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Posted - 01/14/2007 :  19:05:41  Show Profile  Visit Terry's Homepage
Hello all,

Just a note to say I hope everyone is safe!

We're safe and warm!

I guess it's just as well that Saturday's SIGs couldn't happen, it took me all day just to clear the driveway and I will be cleaning up downed trees all winter

Our place looks like a war zone but no serious damage to the house (so far)! We have no power and probably won't have for several more days as the line from the pole to the house got knocked down. Wood heat is nice in a case like this

We're checking e-mail and the web from a coffee house right now (first chance)!

Everyone take care, and we'll see you Saturday 01/20.


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Posted - 01/15/2007 :  21:09:19  Show Profile  Visit Terry's Homepage
Monday update:
I guess we made it through without any serious damage...one broken window. Still no power to the house...we're at Barnes & Noble tonight. Telephone line got jerked loose so we have cell phones (charging while we're online).

Power is back on to our apartment building so the tenants can stay warm, and because our well is on that building, we all have water again.

We managed to snag an old, small generator...enough to run the freezer, so we won't have to put the frozen food in my camper shell to avoid losing it.

If any of you can get online, let us hear how you are faring in this disaster. Hope everyone is okay.

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Posted - 01/16/2007 :  20:43:59  Show Profile
Glad you and Sarah are OK, but sorry about the window. I know you have wood heat so you are OK for heat. You have cell phones so you re OK there also. Even without power you will not suffer too much.

Grace and I lost the phone Friday and it was fixed Monday evening. We had power until about 3pm Sunday (my birthday). We were thanking our lucky star when we had power all day Saturday when the people across the street lost their power Friday night. We had power all through the storm Christmas 1987 and all neighbors were without, so we thought we were going to get luckey again, but no it went out Sunday afternoon. It was restored at 1:37AM Tuesday Jan 16th.

We had no heat once the power went off Sunday and we froze Sunday night, but Monday morning Jim, my wifes son came by and saw what bad shape we were in and immediately brought us some wood to burn in the fireplace, but even then we froze Sunday night until the power was restored. He also brought us a lot of hot food so we got by. Without Jim (my wifes son) and a friend who came by on Saturday to check on us we could have been dead and no one would have noticed.

Charles and Grace Roberts

Charles a.k.a. Exveep

Tho' he might be more humble,
There's no Police like Holmes.

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Posted - 01/17/2007 :  17:37:10  Show Profile  Visit Mick's Homepage
Having a cell phone did not guarantee connectivity. Ours kept losing the signal. Then it worked, and we ran the battery down, then when it came back it was on analog roam. I would rather freeze than call for help on an analog signal.

While the internet was down, and cable was out, and finally, everything electrical went dark, I tried, by candle-light, an exercise that I am told was enjoyed by our distant ancestors--a "book". It is like a stack of very thin, nearly white... not plastic, but some sort of fibrous, porous organic? Ah, I remember, it is called "paper" a stack of many layers of this "paper" joined along one edge, by a sort of hinge arrangement. My understanding is that the ancients called it "reading", and conceptually, it is much like what we call reading when we do it with web pages on a plasma or LED display. To prepare the "book" for "Reading" you grasp the edges of the paper opposite the hinge, and separate the stack. Anyway, each layer of paper is covered with small dark marks, all laid out in rows to look just like the characters on a hi-resolution display, except that they dont move. Actually quite readable. When you come to the end of a layer (since it carries information much like a web page, I will call one layer of paper a "page"), so, when finished with a page, there is no scroll handle, you actually grab the edge of the right hand page, opposite the hinged edge, and pull it from right to left, turning it over! There on the other side, are more marks. And--this is cool--there are little sequential numbers, one on each page! I guess with good memory, you could use these to keep track of what you had read. I just realized, that a book, in many ways looks a lot like a PDF document. Has that same clumsy, disjointed breakage into sections that have nothing to do with the flow of the subject. Whoa! how about this, there are NO LINKS! I poked and prodded ever which way, and nothing. The page just lies there until you manually turn it over--I have no idea how you find the interesting parts, so clearly, this area needs a little more work..

Near the top of this stack of pages known as "the front of the book" there are a few pages containing a site map, literally a table containing a listing of the contents of the book. The sub-sections of the book are called "Chapters", and this "Table of Contents" contains a list of "Chapters" along side the "Page numbers" where each chapter starts.

And get this! There are hundreds of these pages! I am telling you, the pages just go on and on! You can read a book for days! It is like you were visiting Many web sites, all about the same subject, same font and format, all somewhat related, yet not repetitive.

The "book" that I happened to pick for my first (that I can remember) foray into this strange entertainment, is called "Collapse", by Jared Diamond. An appropriate tome about why societies fail. (Climate change was listed as one of the major causes).

But we seem to be still here. For now.
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Posted - 01/18/2007 :  22:00:42  Show Profile
Hi all. We lost power early Saturday morning (1-13-07). It just came back on today (1-18-07) at 3:34 PM. We stayed with my Sister-in-law and her husband. They had a 10,000kw diesel welding maching with auxillary power. We had small heaters going and had a gas stove to cook with. We were able to run a lamp and refrigerator along with a microwave oven. We had to swap off power with the different appliances, but it all managed to work.

We sustained no damage from trees as we have none around our house. My Sister-in-law does but didn't lose any limbs. No pipes froze, but the neighbor managed to turn the well water to "Off" when he thought he was turning it "On" so I had to "help" him out a little. Eventually, all was well. I'm still skeptical about the thermostat. I'll have to coax it along until I'm certain it's okay.

Yep. You betcha I'll have a generator next winter.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

XP-Hm(SP-2) Athlon 1GBRam 160GB Networked 2-Way Satellite
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Posted - 01/20/2007 :  19:18:44  Show Profile  Visit Terry's Homepage
Hi all,

First chance to get back online since Monday. Running a chainsaw 8 hours a day is not conducive to going out to find an Internet connection after dark.

Mick, you'll have to share more with us later about that "book" thing. Sounds like a primitive form of information sharing...or something!

David, I feel for you! I know that "on" and "off" are very confusing for some, but maybe you can help your poor neighbor with the concepts.
The problem you will find in this part of the country is that you may not need a generator for another 6 or 8 years, but when you need one, they are invaluable!

I learned today that CU are a bunch of liars! I keep hearing that they have a high percentage of residents back up and running, but nearly everyone I talk to is still without power. Do you suppose I only know people who fall into that small percentage they don't have turned back on???

I also learned today that Bill and Faye Patrick have been staying in Branson while their home was without power, and they suffered a large oak limb falling on Bill's truck.

Donna DeJong is without power.

Jim and Mary Stewart were without power for a day or so, but it is back on, so they are able to stay warm.

Mary Phillips is without power, and the CU transformer that provides power to her house is caught in a tree (Bad tree!).

Dan and Valeri Wright are ok (running on generator power), but had a couple of the branches from their (formerly) beautiful big walnut trees punch holes in their roof.

Hope everyone is able to deal with this disaster!


Edited by - Terry on 01/21/2007 06:37:53
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Posted - 01/29/2007 :  19:31:40  Show Profile  Visit Terry's Homepage
Hi Everyone,

Well, we finally got our power back at about 3:30 pm on day 17. The telephone line is still down, and our TV/Internet cable are still on the ground...but we have lights!!!

The convenience of continuous electrical power is a wonderful thing! We were fortunate enough to have a borrowed (albeit well worn) small generator, so for approximately $65.00 worth of gasoline, we saved our frozen food.

As of Sunday evening, I was able to get close enough to some dead trees to (after cutting), load, and haul, a couple of weeks worth of firewood, from the back of our property, up to the house. Our chainsaw has alot more hours of use on it than it did before this storm.

They're hinting at more bad weather to come, so I'm hopeful that I can clear enough more trees before another storm hits, to get to some more timber that isn't on the ground, soaking up water.

I know Mary Phillips and Bill and Faye Patrick are back at home, and I hope everyone else is okay and back to normal!
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Posted - 01/30/2007 :  18:24:26  Show Profile
As Terry Roberts mention Faye and I were able to move back into our residents Friday Morning January 26th, but life is still not normal and will take some, after living in a motel for some twelve days.
It could have been worse. Bill

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Posted - 01/30/2007 :  20:15:58  Show Profile
Greetings All from sunny, what the natives think is cold, Florida. That's our solution to the ice storm.

We lost power Friday night, at the first of the ice and didn't get electricity back until Thursday, the 25! My oxygen company ran out of O2 bottles on the first Saturday, but brought me six little ones and said "call us tomorrow". I went thru 2 1/2 of those per night, so that just wouldn't do.

We were lucky to find a highly overpriced generator which Richard and our son set up with lots of extension cords all over the house, but we had heat, oxygen,refrigeration, a safe freezer and a few lights here and there. We also had our daughter, granddaughter and their three cats visiting us. (I could also use my laptop, so life was almost normal!)

Our yard looks like a war zone, too, and I can only hope we don't lose too many of our hundred+ year old oaks. We found someone to cut up the debris and remove it from our house and the rentals, so life is okay.

What I'm upset about now is that we're staying in this super fancy, snooty, time share and they have no internet service! I have to use my dial up and then they charge me 86 cents for every call I make. That's adding insult to injury.

Hope no one suffered any serious harm and we'll all be back to normal pretty soon. See you soon.
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Posted - 02/01/2007 :  11:28:23  Show Profile
I love your experience with the "book".

We've got all services back now and the only problem I'm having is getting extensions on rebates that didn't get mailed before the postmark expiration date. Wouldn't you know, I never even thought about them during the ice storm!


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