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Our webmaster is Sarah Marshall, ICON member and co-owner of Show Me Web Works, a local web development company. Our goal in developing the site was, and is, to offer needed help and information to our members while encouraging participation from them.

Several of the features are intended to help maintain freshness, usability, and pertinence. A number of ICON's members contributed to the overall look and feel of the site. Because of the numerous dynamically generated aspects of the site, (the Opinion Poll on the home page, Calendar of Events, SIG/Monthly Program pages, Links database, and our Members Forums) many people contribute to the continuing freshness and pertinence of the content. Please enjoy your visit, and stop in as often as you like!

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Attention AOL Users
America Online utilizes graphics compression in its software that claims to speed up the delivery of web pages to its members by compressing images before delivering them to you in the AOL software. The benefit might be a slightly faster download of images (maybe saving a second or two) but as a result, your images are distorted due to the high amount of compression used. AOL members have the option of deselecting "Use Compressed Graphics" in their Web Preferences.

To check your settings in AOL, go to Settings > Preferences > Internet Properties > Web Graphics (tab) and check "Never Compress Graphics". If you make this change and your images still look the same - this is because your browser is caching the old images. Follow the path above, but click the "General" tab; there you can clear the History and delete the files in your Temporary Internet Files folder. You should now be able to view web graphics they way the were intended to be viewed.